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Rad Radio Shows On Hollow Earth

Show Name: D.I.Y.aspora
Air Times: Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm PST
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Show Name: Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
Air Times: Friday, 2 to 4

Ro fox tobin overlap
Show Name: Pedal Error
DJ Crack Fox
Air Times: Wednesdays 11am - 1pm PST
Air Times: Saturday, 6-8PM

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Show Name: Total Recall
Total Recall
Air Times: Thursdays 1:00 - 2:00 pm
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Show Name: Legal Counsel
abacus finch
Air Times: 2nd and 4th Thursdays 9-11PM

Dj louise
Show Name: Música
Air Times: Thursday 2-3pm
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Show Name: Hot Takes With Hot Dykes
Clara Pluton & Val Nigro
Air Times: every 2nd and 4th Tuesday 5-7 pm

Adam's song
Show Name: Adam's Song
DJ Adam Levitt
Air Times: Saturdays 10-11am bi-weekly
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Show Name: Urban Mutant Radio
Air Times: Tuesday 7 to 9AM

Un chien andalou razor eye
Show Name: Secret Meaning of Things
DJ Vox Sinistra
Air Times: Tuesdays, 10 pm - midnight
Me chairsmissing
Show Name: Cycles Per Second
DJ nstop
Air Times: Wednesdays, 6 to 7pm Pacific Time

Show Name: Data Control
Chris G
Air Times: Every other Sundays 10 - 11 AM PST
Show Name: Moondog Medicine
DJ Moondog
Air Times: Moondog Memories (from the archives) on Fridays 9-11am

Ocdc avatar
Show Name: OC/DC
Corporal Tofulung
Air Times: Wednesdays 5 - 7pm Thursday PST
Show Name: All City Sounds
All City Sounds
Air Times: Sundays 2-4pm

Show Name: The Hip-Hop Seance
Kyle Kamppi
Air Times: Mondays 4-5pm PST
Show Name: Aquanautic Frequencies
Air Times: Saturdays from Noon to 2 PM PST

Avalon Davis
Air Times: 7-8PM every second and fourth Thursday
Repolished gems
Show Name: Repolished Gems
Air Times: Wednesday 9 AM to 11 AM (PST)

Turkish delights
Show Name: Turkish Delights
Air Times: Wednesday 11 AM to 1 PM (PST)
Technical difficulties
Show Name: Jon Roberts presents... Technical Difficulties
Jon Roberts
Air Times: Monday 12pm - 2pm

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Show Name: Disco Droppings
Jimi Jaxon
Air Times: Thursdays 5-7pm
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Show Name: Celestial Weather
Air Times: Tuesdays from 9-10AM PST, Saturdays from 2-3AM PST (rebroadcast)

Show Name: Goddess KRING
Goddess Kring
Air Times: Thursdays 3-4pm
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Show Name: Make It Pretty
Air Times: 2nd & 4th Tuesday night from 5 to 7 PM PST

Show Name: Yonic Boom!
DJ Void of Course
Air Times: Mondays, 6 to 8 p.m.
El kabong
Show Name: Fear and Loafing
DJ Lost Lemming
Air Times: Thursdays 11AM to 1PM PT

Show Name: The Gas Works
Air Times: Saturdays 2-4 PM PST
Show Name: NightTimeMoves
Dj Francois
Air Times: Every Wednesday, 10pm-12am

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Show Name: The Edge Of The Ape Oven
DJ Drone Beard
Air Times: Monday nights 10pm-12AM
Show Name: Yes Sequitur
Air Times: Tuesdays Noon to 2 PM PST

Show Name: Alone in the Woods
Air Times: Wednesdays 3:00-5:00pm
Show Name: #LuluNation + crew
Air Times: 7-9pm pst

Show Name: Black Roots Radio
Air Times: Friday, 6pm-8pm, Bi-weekly
Slow   motor logo
Show Name: Slow Music Meltdown
dj slow
Air Times: Mondays 10am-12pm PST

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Show Name: Rise Up, Speak Out!
Matt Fu
Darwin Manning
Air Times: Fridays, Noon-1pm
Show Name: Hollow Earth Radio News
Matt Fu
Darwin Manning
Air Times: Fridays 11am-Noon (except first Fridays)

Roger dean5
Show Name: Progtastic Planet
Expert System
Air Times: Thursdays 8-9PM
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Show Name: Worst Party Ever Show
DJ Audits
Air Times: Friday 1PM - 2PM

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Show Name: Audacious Bombacious
Air Times: ON AIR every other Friday 6-8 pm PST and pre-recorded every other Friday 6-8 pm PST
Show Name: Central Sounds
Air Times: Wednesdays 7 - 11pm PST

Show Name: Sea-Port Beat
Expert System
Air Times: Sunday 6-8PM
Show Name: Pizzablood
Jaimie "J-slice" Fife
Air Times: Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m.

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Show Name: We Jam Econo
Busy B
Air Times: Sunday 9.30 - 11.30PM
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Show Name: Blues & Bluster
Air Times: Thursday 11:00 pm - Friday 1:00 am

Show Name: From the Mailbag
Air Times: Friday nights 10.- Midnight PST
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Show Name: In Studio
Air Times: Sundays 4-6 am PST

Saving new brain cells 2
Show Name: New Music
Air Times: Fridays 8-10 pm (PST)
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Show Name: Set the Controls
DJ IBabs
Air Times: Sundays 8am-10am