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What frequency is Hollow Earth Radio?
For ten years, Hollow Earth Radio was a live streaming internet station only. In 2013, long-time online broadcaster Hollow Earth Radio was approved for an LPFM license for the frequency 104.9 FM, with the call-letters KHUH!? Starting in 2017, after lengthy planning and fundraising campaign, our FM signal now emanates from the Central Area of Seattle.

How do I listen to Hollow Earth Radio / KHUH?
If you are in the Central Area or beyond, try tuning into 104.9 FM on your radio! Anywhere else, we should be reachable via computer or mobile device hooked up to the internet that you can plug speakers or headphones into. On the home page of the website, click on LISTEN in various places on the screen. Then click on the link for the music player that works for you. It should work in iTunes, VLC and many others. [Some players may download a simple playlist file (.pls) to your Desktop. Double clicking on the file should kickstart the radio] You can also find us on TuneIn.

What happens when I get an error message when trying to listen?
Make sure you have the latest version of the audio player you are using, so check to see if you need to update your software. Try using a different external audio player. If this doesn't work, please email us so we can help solve the issue.

What does it mean when the computer begins to re-buffer and the music stops for a second, and why does it do this?
Sometimes this could just be a bad connection between your computer and our server, which could go away with time. Also, it could be that our main computer used to run the radio has melted into oblivion. In that case, just wait a few minutes and we'll be back up and running ASAP. While we’re at it: If you hear a long delay of silence, or notice that we're playing all the songs that start with "J" for 12 hours straight, or think you hear multiple cat meows instead of a dj please email us.

Where are you broadcasting from?
We are broadcasting out of an attic in Seattle.. We no longer broadcast in the home of our founders who graciously let us eat all their food and wake them up at 10am in the morning with live funk bands. We are no longer located at 2018a E. Union St. We are looking for a new home, please send any mail to P.O. Box 21066, Seattle, WA 98111. You should stop by sometime, if the light is on someone is there so just knock and we'll show you around. We also do remote broadcasts around King County and within the Northwest.

Are you broadcasting live?
We have DJs with weekly or bi-weekly shows who spin music live and handle your requests. Check out our calendar for schedules. When there is no live DJ, we have pre-recorded programs, local performances, archived radio shows, and unique mixes of music that we’ve crafted just for you.

Who started the radio & how long has it been around?
Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly are the founders of Hollow Earth Radio. They began planning it mid 2006, and went live January 1, 2007. Now we have about 8 zillion volunteers & community members involved with keeping the station running. We are an all volunteer-run radio station.

I am in a band. Can I send you our music? How?
YES! We'd love to have it. Go to our submissions page to find out how. We try to play as much local, Northwest, emerging arists as possible.

I make music / like to rant for a long time / can sorta play kazoo / wanna do an in-studio. How can we make this happen?
Well, first - send us your music submissions via the Music Department to let them know you'd love to do an in-studio. We can only do so many in-studios, but if the stars align, you might just find yourself in our studio performing live w/ our Reptilian studio audience.

Do you play music that isn't from the Pacific Northwest?
We are based in Seattle, Washington and we like to support what's happening locally, but we most definitely play music from anywhere in the world.

Are you a freeform radio station?
Yep & proud of it too. Freeform radio is a format in which DJs are given total control over what sounds to play. This programming format is different from a lot of commercial and even college radio stations where DJs are known to have little or no control over what they play.

Do you post playlists anywhere?
Yes! Song titles/artist names should be streaming live your music player, and a list of the last 10 songs aired show up on the homepage & listen page of our website.

Do you have a mailing list?
Hell yeah. Get on it? Are you not on it yet?

How do I volunteer?
YES! We're always looking for new volunteers and have a monthly orientation on the first Sunday of each month online. We will go over how it all works at the meeting. Email our Volunteer Coordinator to sign up for the orientation.

Do you have podcasts?
We have select podcasts available for downloading on our soundcloud page.

I have recorded house shows in Seattle or the Northwest or somewhere else in the world. Can I contribute my own recordings for airplay?
YES! We'd love to have your live house show recordings. Please make sure the artists are okay with their shows being on our radio before you contribute. For more information, go to the Contribute page.

How do you pay for Hollow Earth Radio? Can I make a donation?
We pay for the radio through listener-supported donations and fundraisers. We've received grants from 4Culture, Humanities of Washington, and The City of Seattle Arts & Cultural Affairs. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit. If you like what we are doing and support our mission, you may donate here.