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Nocturnal Emissions

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DJ Izzy

Air Times: Every other Tuesday 9-10pm


The show is about all the spooky, creepy, and weird things that happen in Seattle/PNW. Following in the long tradition of horror hostesses, I want to take that a step further and involve the local community. It would be a podcast with horror movie reviews, live readings of horror shorts and poetry, interviews with locals about the different things that are happening in the community like shows, conventions, and parties, astrology readings and talks with the local pagan community, music from local bands, and coverage of conventions and events; all with a creepy kooky vibe. You'll follow me, the Oprah of the Underworld, through the hilarious, sad, enlightening and bizarre world that we find ourselves in at present. If you like weird things, want to know more about what is going on in the Seattle community, and don't mind listening to a crazy girl talk about it, then the show is for you.


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