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Rise Up, Speak Out!

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Matt Fu
Darwin Manning

Air Times: Fridays, Noon-1pm


Matt Fu & Darwin Cyphers ­Manning are bringing social movement leaders, activists, advocates, and creative power ­houses to your airwaves. Each week will feature several short clips of voices from protests or rallies around Seattle or important developments in the city that affect everyday citizens. During this interview heavy section of our Friday news block, there will be a feature interviewee from various community organizations dealing with environmental stewardship, homelessness, people of color’s rights, the poor allocation of the city’s economic tools and whatever else our listeners feel is percolating to the top! The interviewee will discuss the goal of the organization or the movement and relevant issues to their group with their stance on those topics. We are always looking for suggestions on new voices to bring on the air and topics to discuss. We hope that collectively the various social, political, environmental & economic groups can rise up and confidently speak out on the airwaves. If you have suggestions, please email us at