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Celestial Weather

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Air Times: Tuesdays from 9-10AM PST, Saturdays from 2-3AM PST (rebroadcast)

Website: For more information visit my website at

An astrological forecasting show where we talk about the planetary movements and how they inform our lives here on Earth. We deal with these events through a personal lens allowing their movements to tell our stories and bring deep remembrance to our hearts where possible. The movements of the heavens are complex; it's never one thing happening at once, much like in our personal lives. The ever unfolding mystery of the world can be picked apart, slowly but surely, never fully, by examining the movements in the celestial realm. There will always be mystery, for that is the blessing of life, but astrology may bring us closer to that mystery, enough that we feel we have a crucial role in its unfolding.
The astrology forecast usually starts about 5 minutes in, after some music to set the tone, and then the hour is finished with more music that I feel relates to the celestial events that week. My name is June Rose Trimbach.