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DJ Crack Fox

Air Times: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 11am - 1pm PST


The focus is hyper-focus. It's out-of-focus. It's mood music for the mutli-dementia-noll. Expect a glitchy cruise control, the potential for abrupt shifts, and drawn out detours. Expect warm nylon strings. Expect smoke, blown-out fuses and cold busted circuitry. There will be downshifts toward the tranquil and soothing, revving in neutral through pure visceral chaos. It's an impromptu guided tour toward unknown terrain, a blindfolded exploration for connecting roads.. We'll be sifting through wreckage, taking bundled up nap breaks in a pull-a-part. There's a lot of road to explore. We're going up on the sidewalk.


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